Don't blow $$$ - Blow smoke!

Leak Detector

  • The car is experiencing unstable idling, poor drivability, bad fuel economy, etc.Yet a scan tool finds "NO DTC" and a tune scope dosen't give you any clue.

    How frustrating! Definitely it's time to consider a leak. Do not hesitate to give
    it a try with Hanatech's Leak Detector. It will help you pin point the exact
    leaking location in a few minutes:

    Work efficiently. Be cost Effective. Save hours of wasted labor time. Hanatech,
    a brand leading high-tech diagnostic equipment manufacturer, has added the
    leak detector to its range of world famous diagnostic products. This quality
    product offers you a low tech / high tech solution with great new features.
    It represnts fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labor time
    savings for years to come.

    Remember. The only way to start your diagnostics is back to basics.
>>Practical Applications
  • · Vacuum Leaks: hoses, gaskets, valves, diaphragms, choke pull-offs, heated air intake control and diaphragm systems, EGR hoses, and
  • · Exhaust Leaks: manifold cracks, EGR valve feed tubes and passages, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, muffler, heat control valves, and
      crossover passages.
  • · Plus: Injector system leaks, evaporator control system leaks, oil leaks, under dash vacuum leaks, brake booster system leaks, head gasket
      leaks, cylinder leakage, air and water leaks, turbo/super charger system leaks and component replacements test prior to installation.
>>Great features that only Hanatech's Leak Detector Offers
· Variable Pressure Control
A great new feature - excessive or insufficient smoke pressure may result in incorrect diagnosis or
even result in damage to a system. The Leak Detector's variable pressure control allows you the
freedom to adjust the pressure level a the turn of a knob. Adjust the pressure to suit the application
and the high quality guage will lead you in the right direction to quickly find the leak. Remember,
low pressure smoke cannot always find the leak.
· Check Valve Quick Release
Check valve is a pressure regulating device that releases smoke when the pressure exceeds a preset
amount. Most of conventional smoke testers use non-toxic smoke liguids, and its smoke turns into
sticky liquid form and accumulate inside the valve when the machine cools down after operation.
This may result in malfunction of the valve or even may block the valve.Safety and performace is our
goal and the Check Valve Quick Release is a performance enhancing feature that guarantees every
test remains the same at all temperatures. Simply lift the pressure regulator knob and release, and
test results are the same hot or cold.
· High Tech Electronic Control
Utilising Hanatech's electronic diagnostic experience, Leak Detector offers you the latest in CPU
design and less moving parts and increased durability. Soft touch membrane keypad, electronically
controlled three stage heating circuit and accurate heating controls offer you reliability, quality and
strength that other brands can't. Hanatech Leak Detector ensures you safety and peace in mind, our
automatic electronic power controls ensure that unintended power-on is never an issue, and the
automatic smart control simply powers down when not in use.
· Doble Solenoid Action
It must be frustrating if the smoke flows back into the machine while you are searching for a leak after
stopping the compressor. Hanatech Leak Detector has two solenoids in the moke delivery system,
and these devices block any reverse flow of smoke into the machine when the compressor in not
runnign. You can even check if there is an invisible tiny pin-hole leak by observing the dropping of
the pressure gauge needle.
>>Parts and Components
Dimensions 460-300-200
Net Weight 12.5Kg
Shipping Weight 15 Kg
Smoke Delivery Hose 4 meters
Remote Control Cable 3 meters
Power Supply Cable 4 meters
Supply Volume 13 Litre/min
Supply Pressure Adjustable1.5~2.0psi (0.1~1.5Kg/§²)
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Power consumption 3.5 Amps
Operating Temperature 0¡É~40¡É